Mission Statement:

Fernz Health: Gold Coast Naturopath
– is dedicated to obtaining health naturally by optimizing the bodies ability to heal itself —simply. 

We enthusiastically believe that good health should be the norm, and so we endeavour to make our services affordable and effective to the majority of people. 

Hence, by obtaining health quickly and cost effectively it eliminates the need for excessive drugs, expensive medical bills, hospitalization, and allows you to obtain the health and youthfulness you desire.


My motivation to become a Naturopath & be involved with this New exciting Scientific Technology:

Kathleen Fernandez:  Biochemist | Naturopath
“University Trained” 

I am a University trained Biochemist, and a Naturopath.  I have consulted for many years for several medical, and diagnostic companies and dealt with some of the top doctors and pathologists in the major hospitals around Australia. I have been involved in the health industry for over 15 years.  After some personal trials in terms of my own health where I experienced dioxane poisoning in the laboratory (which affected me for some years)  this has led to other repercussions where I have suffered from other debilitating illnesses with painful symptoms which caused physical difficulties. 

I have had amazing breakthroughs with this technology—Bio-energetic Medicine— both in the physical and mental context and also on a very personal level with my own health and feel very confident and excited to be able to share this with you and your family. 

Also I have just been amazed throughout the years with the healing power of plants and herbs and how effective they can be.
I am now offering Practitioner only products to my clients for them to access through my clinic as well as on-line.

“So now my quest is to make natural health simple and accessible to the average person.”