Naturopathic Fees

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This gives you results that saves you hundreds of dollars! Great Value!

Initial consultation

This involves a full analysis including thousands of different tests to find out what the underlying causes of your condition may be.  This would normally cost you at least $2,300 for this level of testing. The consultation is normally for one hour. Fee: $145 (Includes Consultation $98, Plus Testing $47 – Covers all Testing).

Eat Right For Your Blood Type

Eat Right for Your Blood Type

Computerised—All food groups are analysed to see which foods are best suited to you—for optimal health. Only $47 – included in Initial Testing



Depending on your situation there may be a series of treatments that you may require—this can vary anywhere between 3-12 treatments on average. The consultation is normally for one hour. Fee $98 / hour per treatment  
Vitamins & MineralsSupplements



A wide range of Vitamins, Minerals, Oils and Supplements are available. Including Quality Practitioner Only Products (Clients only)

Claimable on Health Funds


Claimable on most Health Funds

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