Practitioner Only Supplements

As an existing Client of Fernz Health:

You now have access to the best quality Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Fatty Oils, and many more exciting Supplements.

You can purchase these directly during your naturopathic consultation, or NOW (as a Client Only) You can purchase on-line!

 Clients Only

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Practitioner Supplements

PRODUCT Ranges include:

  • Enzyme Science
Represents exceptional solutions for digestive health. Now you can get enzyme supplementation to help identify and digest common food intolerances: including dairy, wheat, beans and fibrous vegetables. 
  • Mediherb Practitioner Herbal formulas made in Australia.  Every batch is tested for quality control. Exceptional quality at affordable prices.
  • Eagle Covering a wide range of unique, reputable, and effective formulas. 
  • Herbal Extract Company Leading producer of Certified Organic (COG) herbal products
  • Orthoplex Well know practitioner products with reputable researched formulas 
  • Biotivia – Bio-Enhanced resveratrol anti-ageing supplements
  Plus many more!….

Books and Information:

    • General Wellness 
    • Wellness for Women
    • Wellness for Men 
    • Wellness for Kids 
    • Family & Parenting 
    • Diet & Nutrition 
    • Exercise & Fitness 
    • Relationships 
  • Personal Development

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Sounds Doctor

Sounds Doctor


NOW – The Sounds Doctor Leads the World in Healing Sound Technology

A Revolutionary New Exciting way – relieve chronic & annoying pains and many health issues that have been affecting you for years. Help a LARGE number of health conditions just with the press of a button. Enter a World Revolution in Technology and Healing, done passively, & easily from the comfort of your own home. Cost effective, without side effects or concerns.   Buy Now